Who we are

Cinescript is a translation agency with 25 years of experience working for the film and television industry in more than 25 languages.

We work exclusively with specialised translators who only translate into their mother tongue. They all have an instinct for dialogues and film language as well as a rich writing style for print media content.

We provide a custom-tailored linguistic offer, accompanying you throughout the whole film production and post-production and putting thereby at your service our expertise and technology.

Besides translating from and into the traditional paper support (co-production agreements, books or scripts), we translate subtitles, videos and Websites as well as provide dialogue coaching, voice-over and interpreting services.

Here you will find a selection of our regular, long-term partners.

Our way of working

Remaining true to the original text and the target culture is our highest priority. We are capable of conveying both content and style, that is why our texts never sound translated.

Our team puts the same commitment into each order, since every client is important to us. Our experience has actually shown that even the smallest request can lead to long-term professional relationships.

We make our best to deliver accurate and on time translations even when processing rush orders, as your deadlines are also ours.

All translations are proofread and revised by our qualified and experienced team of editors.

See it for yourself!

We are happy to provide a free estimate for any of our services. You’ll find our contact details here. Just drop us a line by e-mail or give us a call!