Who we are

What is Cinescript?

Cinescript is a translation agency specializing in audiovisual translation for cinema and television. We have 30 years of experience and offer our services in more than 30 languages.


What does Cinescript do?

We focus on translating presentations, treatments and screenplays, working closely with our experienced team of highly qualified native speakers and proofreaders.

We also work with other audiovisual formats such as transcripts, subtitles, voice over, dialogue lists, etc., and offer services in other areas, such as on-set interpreting, dialogue-coaching, voice recording as well as proofreading and polishing.

All of our translation work is meticulously proofread by our specialist team of experts so we can ensure that no comma is out of place and the tone always feels right.

Our 30 years of experience translating for the world of cinema and television and our long-term relationships with a wide variety of clients are a testament to the range, reliability, and quality of our services. So, too, are the many high profile film projects we’ve worked on as well as our collaborations with production companies, television broadcasters and lifestyle magazines.


See for yourself!

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