Thanks to our six-step procedure,
we make sure that our high standards are maintained and can be confident that we meet
each of your expectations.

Machine translation has evolved amazingly over the past few years. However, technology cannot understand culture. Technology cannot replicate style and tone. A translation will never be excellent without the human touch.
This is why a team of professional translators is indispensable.



We discuss your project and objectives to ensure that we assemble the most skilled team available for your story. Then we collect files and gather reference material. Careful preparation is key to delivering the best possible output.



This is where the magic happens! An experienced native speaker masterfully renders a version in the target language that accurately reflects the source text. Their translation is only complete when they perform what we call a self-check.



The third step – proofreading – involves sending the translation to a different linguist, who checks the text word-by-word. This step is always carried out by a native speaker of the source language.



A second proofreader checks the target language version. This step is also known as polishing, and it involves mainly improving the style. The translation has to have the same effect as the original text.


QA Checks

The next stage involves quality assurance. QA looks for issues that are easy to miss with the human eye, such as typos, missing punctuation, or double spacing.



For finalization, we usually need to make some adjustments to the layout, such as graphics, line breaks, and fonts. We can provide files in a variety of formats, including Final Draft.

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