In the digital age, with audiences more global than ever before, your words can easily get lost in translation. For this reason, we perform translation services with the utmost care and accuracy. Choosing the right words is key to capturing your audience’s imagination and interest.

We speak
the language
of film


We are a specialized provider of translation,
subtitling, and interpreting services for the audiovisual industry. For over 30 years and in over 30 languages, we have been delivering high-quality translations to clients all around the world.

As one of the most experienced and
well-established translation companies in existence,
we have a wealth of expertise to share with you,
to make the most of your translation budget.


“My goal at CINESCRIPT is to connect cultures and craft stories that captivate audiences. I want success for our clients, and to make sure of that in every project, I adapt each team to its genre, theme, and style specifications."
Liane Kirsch
Managing Director

Film is Our Passion


It’s simple: we’re here for youWe can put together a team of translators that best suits you and your desired languages to provide the exact support that you need.


We only work with highly qualified audiovisual translators, proofreaders, editors, and polishers who have years of experience and translate exclusively into their mother tongue.

it's all about film experience

Many of our translators are authors themselves, savvy about narratives and genuine dialogues. They know how to sculpt language into the right shape for your target audience.


We know that confidentiality is essential in our industry. All our employees and collaborators sign confidentiality agreements to protect your materials.


We check all texts carefully through a series of reviews and a dual control principle. This multi-layered procedure assures the best quality to meet your expectations.


We will make sure that your audience understands you – wherever they are in the world. Our team thoroughly researches and discusses nuances including culture, tone, idioms, and slang.

Our Services

As a specialized translation provider for the film industry, our portfolio includes a wide range of services to help you achieve a higher level of success.


A professional translation and polishing of your pitch or screenplay increases the chances of attracting development finance.


Dialogue coaches and on set interpreters support film directors and producers in improving the cast's performance.


Dubbing and subtitling are integral parts of making films and documentaries accessible to foreign audiences and regions.

We'll find the words for you

We adapt our services entirely to your needs. Please send us an excerpt from your text or audio so we can give you an accurate estimation regarding price and turnaround time. And please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may require.

For those who are in a hurry, we also offer an overnight translation service
with delivery of your job by the following weekday.

Our Partners

Driving professional relationships since 1988

“I am impressed by your precise, flexible, and quick service. What I especially appreciate is that there have been times when you get back to me with questions regarding, for example, logical inconsistencies, which shows just how much careful attention the translators give the screenplays.”

Simon Jaquemet 8horses

“A large portfolio with professional translators and interpreters for nearly every language is available for spontaneous, short-term, and special needs. I very much appreciate CINESCRIPT’s commitment!”

Sandra Fritz MAZ&MORE

“Our animated features are intended for a worldwide audience, and the few words of dialogue must land in every language with the precision animation demands. We thank Liane Kirsch and her team for the spot-on, careful, and flexible work they have been putting into our films for decades now.”

Thomas Meyer-Hermann Studio FILM BILDER

“As someone who sometimes operates outside of normal working day hours, the CINESCRIPT team’s ability to readily and easily keep up with my flexible work schedule is something that impresses me immensely. Their willingness to adapt to the work hours of their clients shows a level of commitment and dedication that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.”

Tom Tykwer

“Normally a high project turnover rate comes at the sacrifice of quality. CINESCRIPT proves that this does not have to be the case; the high-quality of their translations and the speed with which they deliver them is a testament to the efficiency of the CINESCRIPT Team.”

Marlene Beran WarnerMedia

“The full array of what CINESCRIPT has to offer is consistently solid — the quality of the simultaneous interpreters justifies the fees — especially in comparison with competing agencies. We are also grateful for the outstanding service — friendly and readily accessible contacts and speedy reaction times.”

Bernhard Lauster WELTN24
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